A complex of 17 villas with apartments and rooms was constructed on the land near Savudrija. There were overall 43 residential units. The construction was completed in 2006, while last apartment was sold in July 2007.
The villas are located 300 metres from the Adriatic Sea.
The residences at Bašanija have excellent access via road, 30 kilometres from the Slovenian town of Koper and 50 kilometres from the Italian town of Trieste.
Some of the units were purchased by local tourist agencies. Nevertheless, the largest number of international buyers is evidently comprised of private persons from Slovenia, Italy, Russia and the USA.
Nature of the development:   Residential
Land area:   11,000 m2
Size of the development:   5,000 m2
basanija 6


42, rue de la Vallée
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