Near Piran, one of the oldest towns in Slovenia which lies in the extreme southwest part of the country, the CEEREF Development Team intends to develop a mixture of luxurious houses and apartments overlooking the entire bay of Piran. The plot is situated at the top of the hill of the Piran peninsula that could one day become one of  the most prestigious areas on the Slovenian coast. Old town Piran is a true architectural gem. There is a marina in the immediate vicinity in Portorož, with over 1000 moorings. There are also marinas in Izola, Koper and Piran. Sečovlje airport is located a few kilometers away. Access from abroad is also possible via airport Ronchi or Brnik.

The most important quality of the given location is undoubtedly the unrestricted views towards the sea horizon.

For the whole area, the Municipal detailed spatial plan is valid from January 2010. There are 12 foreseen villas and multiple – apartement building area with 64 underground and 26 outside parking plots.
Project documentation for the building permit for above mentioned facilities with all necessary approvals is prepared.

The community issued infrastructure fees calculation, but we filed a complaint in the year 2012 since it’s too high in our opinion.

Nature of the development:   Residential
Land area:   12,667 m2
Size of the development:   8,800 m2
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42, rue de la Vallée
L-2661 Luxembourg

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