One of the most attractive features of the projects surrounding Ljubljana is their proximity to the Slovenian capital. Recognizing the trend that more and more people are locating their houses in peaceful surroundings away from the city’s noise, we decided to start developments on the outskirts of Ljubljana. At the same time, these areas are less than a 20-minute drive from the center of Ljubljana. 


Drenov Grič is an area in the Municipality of Vrhnika, located about 12 km from Ljubljana. Residents economically gravitate towards Ljubljana. The planned development on a 42.000 m2 area provides for 78 semi-detached houses, each measuring netto around 150m2, with appertaining 260 to 500 m2 of land. The houses shall be offered to the market in few phases, the first planned for year 2019.


Building permit was acquired in January 2016. The property is prepared for construction and the consolidation of the terrain has already been performed.

Nature of the development:   Residential
Land area:   42,000 m2
Size of the development:   15.014 m2
Drenov low

Drenov low3 Drenov low2


42, rue de la Vallée
L-2661 Luxembourg

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