The Karigador area is situated by the coastal road on the north-western part of the Croatian Istria - the closest Mediterranean destination for the countries of Central Europe due to its location on the north of the Adriatic. The distance from the Slovenian border is 15 km. The current Spatial planning document defines the area as a construction area for residential purposes.
Considered urbanized area lies at a distance of approximately 200m from the sea coast and on the border with the "Friar Forest", where a golf course is planned with all its accompanying construction in the current Spatial planning document, which promises great potential for the village development. Near the existing older seaside houses,
along the local coastal road, a new housing area is being constructed which spreads inland. It shows a great potential for our construction of  terraced buildings on separate plots. The district will consist of 33 residential apartment units planned in 11 buildings according to the vertical dimension of buildings P+1.
For each building with three apartments there are 6 parking places intended (two for each unit). The remaining external areas are intended for greenery. In 2009, detailed urban planning act for the 7.200 square meters of development area was confirmed by the local municipality.
Building permit for all 11 houses was obtained in 2011.
Nature of the development:   Residential
Land area:   7,149 m2
Size of the development:   2,880 m2
Karigador pogled od zgoraj
karigador pogled-s-ceste
karigador pogled-z-vrta


42, rue de la Vallée
L-2661 Luxembourg

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